Thursday, July 16, 2009


You know that song that is the first song you hear after you wake up?no? ehhhh.....go suck an egg.well mine is from passion pit and yesterday it was the beastie boys "an open letter to nyc". those songs are stuck in your head for the whole day,right???????? :/

hanged with meli today at best buy and had jamba a new computer which means stronger,better,faster,stronger yaayyy fast internet!!!!!!!!!but all my pictures from the last week of skool and other crap is gone :[!!!!!!!!! so basically,new house, new computer,new ipod cover,new bead,new house phone,new skool,new friends :/, new excersize,new eating patterns,new view,new tv(YAAAY! LOCAL CHANNELS! I CAN WATCH LOST AND HEROES AND THE BIG BANG THEORY AND COMMUNITY AND SNL AND LATE NITE W/ JIMMY FALLON{suk on those eggs kris}AND FREE HBO FOR 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!{nurse jackie is really interesting})i dont think ill be leaving the house much, but with 500days of summer coming out this weekend ill be leaving the house to journey again

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