Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tim Burton!!!!!!!!!!

is such a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is such a great director and thinker.I wish i had his brain(and his great friendship with johnny depp ^_____^)all of his movies are awsum!i mean come on!!!!!lokk at the nightmare before christmas,beetlejuice,the corpse bride,charlie and the chocolate factory,sweeney todd,ed wood,the batman movies he made, and all the others and not forget the movie hes in the middle of casting "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" yes he's remaking it, awsumness!!!!

he's just great

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


today was lame ,we need a new spot

i really really really really really really want a JTHM comic so i can treasure it forever

where's a comic book store in this stupid town?!?!?!?!?!?!

Scream Queen

What.........................................................a whirlwind.

Friday was awsum.For those at VDLHS, u know it was a minimum day,3 hours of skool what was the point of going?But after skool i went on the amtrak to get to l.a. OK FOR THOSE WHO WATCH LOST:you know that charlie guy?well the guy that sat across from me looked exactly like him,guitar and everything seriously!!!!

Then i ended up playing my cousin's, Omar, x-box woo!!!then take the red line to universal studios so we can go to halloween horror nights*flashback*this one guy was on the floor and it had no head.and then it twitched so we thought it was a robot, and starts crawling towards us, say what you want but if you were there you would have screamed bloody murder,like i did, also i was hanging out with Maria and we were behind omar hanging on to him and so when we got scared we pinned ourselves against the wall and wouldnt move.IT WAS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!Had a blast and now Freddy Krueger watches me when i sleep

Saturday got new vans,peace!

caught up on chelsea lately on sunday

monday i wrote alot,i'm glad halloween is just about a week away

lost is so interesting,i love that stupid druggie charlie

Sarah Palin shot a moose from a helicopter

i miss johnny the homicidal maniac

Monday, October 13, 2008

He likes you,he loves you, he wants to marry you...........and then KILL YOU!!!!!!

Ahhhh you gotta love That 70's Show,and if you don't DUMBASS!!!!!!!

Today couldn't have gotten any weirder.My math teacher thinks he's funny(COMPLETELY WRONG),I'm caught up in the draft even tho that was like 40 years ago, talked to a guy i havn't talked to in like 2 years and he said he wanted to kill me hahahahahahaha

and i watched Hurl! yup its about what you think it is
the winner gets $1000 if you dont hurl after eating tons of food and doing crazy stuff............................sign me up, that sounds like 10 minutes during lunch!!

haha i miss last year there was fun in class


Sunday, October 12, 2008

halloween time

comes up with some great scary movies
quarantine has to be one of the best movies ever, it made my mom scream her head off and me jump (yea i go to the movies with my mom,no big, its the result of not hanging out with friends)

i've had my halloween costume since my b-day(which was sep 21) and i wanna wear it to skool so bad!:P

first blog,not bad for a newbie