Monday, June 1, 2009

Crystal, Joshua, and Emily

Thank you Nancy soo much for taking me to Six Flags!!!!!!

Ummmmmm started with a call from Nancy on saturday inviting me and abby, we accept and catch the last metro of the day to L.A's Union Station(but we had to board another train halfway there), got a ride from the whole family to kfc and then to their house, then tried to sleep, woke up, changed, went to six flags( went on: the new Terminator Salvation ride{made the movie look mega awesome},deja vu{the f***** scariest one}, batman, scream, ninja, superman, x2, goliath, viper, revolution, tatsu, log jammer, and i think thats it but i'm not sure i had a puonding headache at the end of the end of the day), i wanted to use my mother's debit card to buy myself a wonder woman cape and batman stuff but i didn't, waited too long to take a picture with a batman and robin(DARN YOU LINES!!!!!!!!!!!), we all left the park and collasped alll over their apartment, the next day went back to the union station and caught a train home. Got picked up half an hour later thani was dropped off by the train, went to jamba juice, snuck it inside the amc, found out it spilled all over my bag and all over my cell phone(it didnt break tho[THANK GOD!!!!!!!!]), watched Terminator Salvation and Night at the Muesum(both good movies cept for the stupid batman voice in one and the jonas brothers in the other[UGHHHHH])And i still have to go to skool tomorrow with my scratchy voice.

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